Different types of italian coffee

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Given the success of the the previous article about the Italian coffee, here is the second!

coffee list

If there’s something to be said about Italians, one thing’s for certain, they sure know how to churn out a good cup of coffee.

Just about everywhere you turn in Rome you will find a coffee bar. Italians are really addicted to coffee.

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Charta Roma in augmented reality

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Charta Roma Map is an evolution of the paper map  and it is mostly used by  tourists while  walking around  the  city and choosing  places of interest to visit.

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Palazzo Valentini one of Rome’s most fascinating treasures

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Explore the Roman ruins beneath the magnificent Palazzo Valentini
valentini2 Get a glimpse into the lavish lifestyles of ancient Rome’s most powerful with the visit of the Domus of Palazzo Valentini.

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An unusual corner of Rome Coppedè

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There are plenty of mandatory sights with lots of tourists in Rome, but this little neighborhood is really one of a kind.

Quartiere Coppede is an amazing place to lose track of time, the tourist tides and the 21st century. And it’s all free for the wanderer to explore.

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10 Places not to miss in Rome

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It’s impossible to see everything that Rome has to offer in one visit or in a few days. What follows, in no specific order, is a selective taste of the city’s highlights. From wonderful art collection and historic architecture to amazing park.

musei vaticani


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